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"Everything I am, everything I do, I owe it to that one person who I love; admire and respect for who she was and always will be: My best friend, my mentor, my mother! I love you, mom."


Shaping life
People like to say that; "Your childhood and family upbringing is reflected in the person who you are." To some extend I believe, part of this claim could be reasoned, but, no matter how much, it is impinged by a huge But!

Norbert Harms Bio-Reel

Me, Norbert Harms, and I.


I was born in the late 50s, 1958, to be correct, and I think I fill in pretty precisely the profile of a "Chinese Dog"

Our family wasn't a "showcase" family. In our early family years we'd experience hardship and countless challenges, almost unbearable at times. Though, and despite all difficulties, we could always lean onto that one, rock-solid column who offered endless support, guidance and trust; our mother!

The family I was born into, a fairly ordinary one. Our father was a factory worker, in charge of some quite risky workload in on of Germany’s leading helicopter manufacturer firm at the time. Mother? A mother at first and last. Meaning she was at home taking care of us children, but apart from that heavy task, also working extra hours to support the family and help us grow out of our mediocre status.

Back in those times and as a post war workers family, your place was in the "lower society". Discrimination was at its peek in Germany. If you could not measure up, you’d have to step back and accept what the higher society would leave you as a leftover.

This may sound rough but, if you open your eyes and switch on your brain, it’s pretty much the same these days, only - worse. You see, we may have not have had access to all this high tech frenzy, which is supposed to make life easier. But we had people on our side, supportiing each other; neighbours who would look after and cared for each other; any day, every day. We would know how to survive, because we simply had to!

Synopsis 2017 - Work at office. To better follow, tomorrow, just turn off the power for a moment. The chaos that will unfold, you’ll wet yourself, I promise. You literally can paralyse an entire operation with a flip at the switch. And yet, some will still claim thy stand above of all and else. Back in the old, the primitive dinosaur age, this same scenario would've seen a differnt play. The lights would've no longer lid up our work space. Oh, and the ol' telegraphs and telephones would've been silenced, yes. What a joy. But Work would carry on just as nothing happened. I guess, everything has its good and less good, agreed.

Small incident - huge impact

I will never forget, I was about 6 years of age, that one Saturday, which was to change my course in life. Tomorrow was Sunday. Not an average Sunday, mind you, but a Sunday to celebrate Norbert of Xanten, also known as Norbert Gennep, who was later announced a "Saint". Yep, you better believe it, I was named after this Saint.

Oh, yes, Saturday. My mother and I went on foot, scurrying to the neighbouring village to shop at the butchers. "Meat", a rare product, was on the tomorrow's celebration menu. My mother decided to cook us a nice "Sauerbraten". As special as it is, that wasn’t a free, preferred choice. Since Saint Norbert was born in Xanten, near Rhineland, only a traditional Rhineland dish could do justice to the honouring of Saint Norbert. So what do we need for that? A one kg of fine cut beef right off a cow’s backside. You're smart, aren't you! Yep, a fine piece of rump roast.

So far so good, the butcher wrapped us the meat and we carried on to visit the grocery and farmers shop before hitting back home again, a just under 2km walk.

Back home, my mother's task was to empty the shopping bag and mine, to place all items on the spot where they're deemed to live for a short while, until they’d end up in the cook pot. But then, unexpectedly, my mom would start pulling a very grim face. Now that, I can tell you, was a sign for something’s not being right. I knew mom. First I thought I'd made a mistake. But looking at mum again, I knew something else isn't right!

"Mom, what’s wrong?", I asked. But mom would keep silent. Mom was about to unwrap the piece of meat when suddenly her face would turn even grimmer. By that time, even I’d start to, not mimic mom, but to cover my mouth and nose because of the level of repugnance hitting my senses. You can imagine, how we looked at each other; Not Happy! The meat was off and I mean, "Off". Yuck!

Still not saying anything, mom had the meat quickly wrapped up again, back into the bag, and before I could even make any sense of it, off we were on our second visit to "the butchers". Back at the butchers, my mother tried to explain that the meat she’d been sold, was off. No problem, you’d think. Huh, think no more, you’re wrong, already.

World war #3 was about to knock over the butcher's counter. No, thats a little exaggerated. Just a verbal expression on disappointment and demanding righteousness, that's all what took place. Here is a short debrief on the dialogue that took place:

  • This piece of meat is off, kindly exchange it for a good piece of meat.
  • What do you mean?
  • This meat is of.f
  • So?
  • Excuse Me? I just told this piece of meat is off and I asked you to please exchange it for some good piece of meat!
  • Why?
  • Why? I paid money for that meat. Least you can do is exchange this piece of rotten meat for a good piece.
  • And who you think you are? How often do you buy meat off me?
  • Well, I may not buy as often as other people do. but when I buy, I pay with the same good money. So I expect the same good piece of meat you sell others.
  • Get lost stupid woman, get out of my shop.
  • Says nothing but throws the rotten meat over the counter and says; "I will sit here with my boy, for as long as it takes you to exchange that rotten piece of meat for some good one, and if I and my boy have to sit all day, don’t matter."
  • So we sat there for the whole afternoon. Comes time to close the shop, the bother would hand my mother a good piece of meat and even some extra, and then the unexpected; "I am sorry, I didn’t mean that".


    Stand up for righteousness, but shut up, apologise and fix it if you passed injustice!


    This one incident, made me think, and shaped my life in dealing with people. I could tell dozens and dozens of these experiences, negative at one end, but much more positive at the other hand.

    From early childhood on, I’d learn that anything unexpected can strike you at anytime. You can turn it into positive, however, if you set the right action towards it.

Path of life


"At my times philosophy; emotions and EI were meant to be for dreamers. Psychology, IQ and management skills for winners!"


Taking a wide leap, and having enjoyed an exciting upbringing, both at school and at home. I ventured deep into life. My first introduction to Philosophy was instigated by my 8 years older brother, when he gave me two pocket books written by Immanuel Kant, a German Philosopher in the 18th century. I loved and hated my brother for this. I loved him for giving me the two books. They were exactly the books I wanted. But I hated him for the books at the same time. Crazy?

Have you ever read one of Immanuel’s books? Try it, then know - I was only 11 years of age at that time. And I was suppose to read Immanuel?

The second book was titled: "Theoretical Philosophy" That’s why I made it the 2nd book to read, because I skipped reading it after a few paragraphs. The first book carried the title: "Critique of the Power of Judgment". Hm, just what I needed. Questioning, scrutinising? I was in the midst of stilling my quest on righteousness. I guess, I must have read this book a dozen times, before I started to slowly understand Immanuel. Look, you don’t have to believe me. Just go and read Immanuel yourself. But when you do, try reading him as an 11 year old child.

So back to my life-leap. At the age of 26 I’d migrate with wife, children and our entire belongings, even my favourite waste basket, to Australia. Oh c’mon. leave my favourite materialistic item alone, will you. This wasn’t just an ordinary waste basket. And don’t ask neither, consider it private property, thank you.

Anyway, some years later, I’d continue my life-journey. I’d live and work in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Sadly, and still to date, no America - and I mean anything from far South to North. One day, huh.

During this time I’d travel all on my own. Every time not even know what awaits me. Yes. I was not one of these famous multinational expats who get carried around on silver plates, with chauffeurs and house mates, security guards and all that other "plastic life" accompaniments attached to.

No, I would have even rejected it. I had that back in Germany, and didn’t miss a second of it. I wanted to touch base with the "real people". I needed to, and still I am the same, meet the ordinary folks. Oh yes, I still mixed with the elite, too. But I needed - variety, diversity, opposites, etc., etc.

In the Philippines, e.g., I’d start my own import and distribution business, deal with all kind of government bodies, as far up as the president’s office. I’d also start my now photography business and shoot even for Ford Model Management. In China I’d start my own business consulting firm, consulting China’s top ship building yard, electronic firms and even liaise with top government bodies. In Africa I’d build up a mining firm from ground zero to startup within 9 moths. A few, just to brag a title. Fact is. I don’t really care.

What I care is, that I know I left a huge impact on so many ordinary people, whose life was at a point where other people may have given up. And I only wish, I could have reached more people.

So there you have it, now you know me better.

I have no degree. I am not a president or CEO of a fast growing multinational company. But - I was part of many them, helping them to add values to their life and enterprises, and grow better. Good for them, good for me, too. Just, I don’t seek all this glitter and sparkle decoration. What I seek is - people, interact with people in such a way which will allow them to rid their weaknesses and fears, grow stronger and - righteous. If people achieve that because of my contributiona and coaching, I feel great satisfaction.

If you want ..., talk to me. You know how.



I know!

This is not a standard Bio

That being said, I'll never attempt to adapt myself to any imposed standard, neither. I am "Me, myself, unique!", and so are you!

I sure could, if I wanted to, write the perfect standard Bio to impress the "Standard Elite", but I don’t want. You need to be able to read, understand and decide for yourself, using your understanding. On a flipside, if you need to rely on inflicted standards to read and understand a person, you're hopelessly lost anyway and could never make an intelligent decision. Thus, If you decide against me, I am reall happy, because all that means is that I am safe from any dictated ideas. If you decide for me, I congratulate you! Together, we will leave a huge, "positive" impact on our fellow mankind. Together we will grow a better, caring and appreciating society!


Motivation and Keynote Speaking

"Pursue Change, by starting to think different. Achieve Change, by doing things different"

Not just my Quotation, but my Conviction.
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